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Babylon Travel Magazine

"Now for the introductions. My name is Lisa and I'm a New Zealander who met a Brazilian photographer, Andre, in Turkey. Now, a few years later, we’re living in Brazil, Sao Paulo to be more specific. We're enthusiastic & independent travellers wanting to develop a website full of personal travel adventures."


"The ultimate resource for the independent traveler."

City Stories

"It's a network of city-based storytelling sites, tying real people in real cities all over the world together with a thread of personal stories.

Connected Traveler

"Travel writing, information, photography, audio and video with a point of view."

Ed's Gone South.  Travels in South America.

"On this site you’ll find updates from my journey, details on my itinerary, and other relevant and not-so-relevant information. The goal of this journey is to take each day as it comes, make my dollars last, and get there when I get there. As John Lennon said, 'Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.'”  

Four On Tour

"Our planned trip will take us from our home country of England, in particular Birmingham to Canada. On the way we hope to go through Russia, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. All of this will be done by travelling by train and bus."

GoNomad Network

"The GoNOMAD NETWORK is a community of independent and alternative travelers and businesses dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism. Membership is free and all registered site visitors become members of the GoNOMAD TRAVELER NETWORK, while all listing businesses are members of the GoNOMAD BUSINESS NETWORK." 

"Polly Letofsky, 42-year-old woman of steel, will complete her five-year mission to be the first woman to walk around the world in August 2004. She's fulfilled a life-long goal, all for the purpose of raising awareness and funds for breast cancer."

Green Tea

"The thoughts and photos of a world-traveling girl."

Greatest Escapes

"Travel and reading about it…life’s GreatestEscapes!

Plan the trip of a lifetime or simply find your adventure between the pages of our books and webzine. Publishing is devoted to the very finest in travel writing, inspiring the wanderlust of our readers rather than simply giving them a list of sights, restaurants and hotels.

The Literary Trips series published by Publishing is aimed squarely at those who have become fascinated with a place by a favorite author, and who are as sick of packaged tours as they are weak writing. Equally appropriate in an armchair as in a loaded-down backpack or Gucci bag, the books are meant above all to contain highly-engaging stories, written by some of the best travel writers in the business. They furthermore serve to provide readers with the tools required to visit some key landmarks and emulate the wanderings of favorite authors. Publishing also publishes a monthly web zine filled with tales of travel across the globe. It contains not only great writing, but also useful, up-to-date information for travelers planning trips and the opportunity to provide feedback. As a progressive, multimedia publisher, has a finger on the pulse of a thriving adventurous and literary-minded travel community."

"I, Andy the left on a vacation to Mexico, then shortly there after returned. Slowly starting I traveled south to Central America and to South America. Made a short trip to Europe. Approximately 2 years into my travels I started a newsletter and have written over 137 issues at this juncture. (As of January 2004)

Around the time of the first issue, and located in Panama I started the pages of It is slowly evolved into a Backpacker search engine. I have visited North America, Central America, Europe, Iraq, India, and Southeast Asia..."


"IgoUgo is a unique community of travel enthusiasts sharing experiences through travel journals and photos. Our guides harness the power of word of mouth to provide the best travel information, the most inspiring stories, and the most useful tips on the web. This is how we've built such a reliable network of travel providers and community experts."

Johnny Jet

"The ultimate travel portal."

Journal of African Travel Writing

"The Journal of African Travel-Writing (ISSN 1085-9527) is a semi-annual print journal presenting and analyzing accounts of past and contemporary African travel. Its specific aim is to explore Africa as a site of narrative; its general aim is to publish good writing that invites and rewards the reader's attention. JATW publishes scholarly articles (literary, historical, and sociological critiques are of particular interest to the editors), true narratives, primary materials, fiction, poetry, reviews, and other written artifacts related to African travel. Contributors are writers, scholars, and travellers worldwide."


"The premier travel resource for women."

Khao San Road

" is THE jungle drum for travellers in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Each article printed has either be sent to us by a traveller on the road or inspried by a traveller's interest. We do not print information we think people need, rather we wait for people to tell us what they want..."

Kinetic Travel

"Kinetic Travel Network ([K]tn) is an online magazine and travelers' network for those who view travel not only as a means of physical movement but also as philosophical, cultural, and spiritual movement. [K]tn is dedicated to bringing tales of adventure, mayhem, and meditation from across the globe to a community of travelers who are on the lookout for eye-popping experiences.

The magazine promotes journeying beyond the typical tourist excursion and scratching beneath the surface of any destination or activity. Want to know about the roots of the Samba School Parade in Rio de Janeiro? An expansive tour of New York’s Alphabet City? An exploration of murals and graffiti in Mexico City or San Francisco? The skinny on the club scene in Slovenia? [K]tn explores these plus an ever growing number of topics that will fascinate those travelling to another continent or looking for something different at home.

[K]tn is produced for and by a community of inquisitive and non-traditional travelers. If you feel a kinship with this community, we invite you to visit our site and contribute to the diversity of its growing resources."

Literary Traveler

"Literary Traveler is dedicated to the exploration of the literary imagination. We hope to bring you inspiring, informative articles about writers, creative artists, and the places that they lived and traveled. The site has been featured in The New York Times, and The USA Today."

Living Venice... and Beyond.

"Nan McElroy, in-Italy travel concierge and author of "Italy: Instructions for Use" details daily life in her new home of Venice. From the decision to become an ex-pat, to getting the required papers, falling in love with the bells of the Campanile to chatting with shopkeepers, Nan shares her adventures and the everyday with readers."

Notes From the Road

"Notes from the Road is a project in experimental travel writing. We are a non-commercial site here for your entertainment.

Because Notes from the Road is a travel site, not a travel guide site, we do not try to provide our readers with all-encompassing information on what to see and do around the world. For independent travelers, that sort of information is easy to come by on a number of excellent sites and books. Notes from the Road is about subjective travel; the kind of real world of random things and real people."


"Our site focuses on environmental news and travel around the globe. Updated several times a month, provides a diversity of information, written by those working in the field - travel providers, government leaders, academics, environmentalists and travelers! You will find a diversity of opinions expressed on this site. News and a plethora of links online showcase environmental conservation efforts. Feature articles provide author contact information and resource guides provide networking tools. Readers can contact travel companies, language schools or environmental groups directly."


"Salon is a general online publication with a travel writing section containing hundreds of travel articles."

Slow Travelers

"Slow Travelers is a community of people who like to travel and experience new places. This web site is a place for us to talk to each other, answer questions about this type of travel and collect information."

Tales From a Small Planet

"Tales from a Small Planet's mission is to enrich and share the experience of living abroad through literature, humor and the arts, as well as by providing information and education on what it is really like to live in a foreign country and how to cope with the challenges that may come along."

Travel Intelligence

"Travel Intelligence, founded by AA Gill, Philip Marsden, Jamie Dunford Wood and 70 top travel writers and one of only five travel websites worldwide short listed for a prestigious Webby Award in 2002, is a specialist travel publishing company and hotel consultancy. In addition to publishing top quality travel writing, both online and in its newsletters and anthologies, TI offers help finding and booking unique hotels and hideaways of character, as recommended by writers and contributors."

Traveler's Lunchbox

"From places to visit to films to see to books to read, lists of things to do 'before you die' are certainly nothing new. One that I stumbled upon for the first time recently, however, was a list of the '50 things to eat before you die', compiled via a poll of BBC viewers and aired as a television show back in 2004 (which somehow I missed at the time). I was prepared for some oddities and questionable inclusions, but I wasn't quite prepared for how flabbergasted I would actually be at the things chosen by the British public as the gastronomic highlights of their life: the list's contents range from the absurdly general (fresh fish) to unflinchingly specific (Moreton Bay Bugs), and seem to contain several items for no other reason than to satisfy a need for something weird, e.g. guinea pig, alligator and reindeer. Vagueness seems to be its most pervasive flaw, with Chinese food, curry, pasta and sandwiches all having made the top twenty! And in case I were still looking for things to criticize, I could point out how culturally unbalanced the whole thing is, but it probably isn't worth the effort (and in fact I doubt there are many of these lists that aren't).

It did get me thinking, however. Realizing that I have so far managed 44 of these 50 (can you guess what I haven't eaten? answers are at the bottom!), I then started to imagine what would be on my list, if I were to make one based on my experience, and from there it was only natural to start wondering what would be on other food-minded people's lists. And as the curiosity grew, an idea took shape. What if I tried to actually compile a list, a bigger, better list, and one that is far more trustworthy and relevant for those of us who spend inordinate amounts of our time pondering, planning, preparing, reading about and traveling in search of food; a list as long as it needs to be, and as diverse in terms of geography and cultural preference as possible? And more importantly, where could I find enough passionate, well-traveled foodies to flesh out this list with their infallible good taste and culinary expertise? Why, in the food blogosphere, of course!

I am therefore announcing the creation of a 'joint project' (I know memes have gotten a little tiresome to many bloggers - yes, including me! - which is why I'm not calling it one ;) to create a list of food bloggers' top picks for things you've eaten and think that everyone should eat at least once before they die. Think of it as kind of a global food guide, which can enrich and inform our travels and perhaps even clue us into things closer to home that we've somehow overlooked. And although it will probably be too long for any one person to dream of completing, I hope it will give us all some small inkling of how many more edible treasures there still are out there, and how much there still is to experience..."

"Madelyn Miller is a food, wine and travel writer who contributes to 12 Publications with a combined circulation of several million.

She was dubbed "THE TRAVEL LADY" at KDFW-TV, the Dallas Fox Station, where she frequently gives travel tips and advice. She was so well known, that she decided to use that name when she founded which now has over 150 contributors on six continents." 


"Independent travel on the Internet."


"TrekShare enables the traveler to plan, create, and publish trips online. Whether you call it a vacation, trek, or journey, we will prepare you, guide you through, and wrap your memories up in a concise package."

Trip Lit

"Trip Lit is an e-zine showcasing travel writing from up-and-coming writers as well as pictorial essays from photojournalists. Most of our contributors are new writers trying to get published or professionals exploring a new genre, but we welcome submissions from people in any occupation—as long as they share our love of literature and travel."


"An uncommon guide to the art of long-term travel."

"Vagabonding is a round-the- world travelogue created by Mike Pugh, an optimist from Chicago. Mike traveled on his own through Asia and East Africa from October 2002 – November 2003 and updated this site from the road."

Virtual Tourist

"Real travelers - real people."

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