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Lodging: Aquatic

Do you know of an exotic hotel or other lodging that should be included here? Send me the details.

The Boat Roi des Belges. United Kingdom.

"To celebrate the Olympic year of 2012, Living Architecture decided to commission a temporary building for the capital. The one-bedroom boat, the Roi des Belges, by David Kohn Architects in collaboration with Fiona Banner was picked as the winner in an open competition run by Living Architecture and Artangel, in association with the Southbank Centre. Five hundred architects and artists from around the world submitted entries. The competition guidelines asked for a building that would allow guests to spend a truly unique night perched above the river and the judges were profoundly impressed by the imagination and skill with which the brief was interpreted by the winning team.

David Kohn and Fiona Banner drew inspiration from the riverboat, the Roi des Belges, captained by Joseph Conrad whilst in the Congo in 1890, a journey echoed in his most famous work Heart of Darkness.

Perched high above the city, this beautifully crafted space offers a unique and playful perspective on an area of London more commonly seen from river level. With an en-suite double bedroom, kitchenette, library and viewing deck, guests are invited to rest and reflect upon what they see and hear during their one night stay; logging their thoughts, observing cloud patterns, the character of the river and deeper undercurrents.

There are hints that the boat may have come from very far away, and could – once its sojourn on the Southbank Centre is finished – move off to other destinations. The boat is of no distinct era in terms of its style, neither recognisably modern nor old-fashioned. Instead, with its combination of painted wood and hand-worked gold and silver coated metals, it seems to echo the simplicity of a Japanese tea-hut or the rural haphazard quality of a midwestern farm building. On the bridge, the boat is equipped with an array of tools for recording the experience of staying there. As well as a log book to write down observations, there are guides to clouds and tides, seagulls and train-lines, London architecture and history.

A one-night stay in the room is designed as a complete break from the ordinary, a rare moment to stand aside from life and contemplate it anew with the help of a great city and a piece of architecture that stimulates and enchants all one's senses."

The Covington Inn Bed and Breakfast. U.S.A.

"The Covington Inn is one of America's few floating bed and breakfasts, buoyed and buffered as it is by the Mississippi River. Whether blanketed by snow or passed by summer's silent barges, its riverside setting soothes and captivates.

Yet the B & B permanently sits moored within the reflection of downtown St. Paul's towering skyline. The Capitol, museums, theater, fine dining and shopping wait just across the bridge. Offering a place for both quiet getaway and city spree, the Covington does it all."



"The boat hotel is very central located in Copenhagen city center. It presents a rare opportunity to be close to the pulse of the city and relax by the water. From your room you can se the town hall clock. From the sundeck, you have the city's finest views. The passing ships, the sound of water and the seagulls tune your mind to seek new adventures in the city that awaits you on the wharf."

Review: Tripadvisor.

King Pacific Lodge. Canada.

"The stunning natural setting of Princess Royal Island and the Great Bear Rainforest is well worth the trip to remote King Pacific Lodge.

Accessible only by float plane, this luxury wilderness lodge is found in pristine Northern British Columbia, one of the last untouched corners of the world. The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact temperate rainforest left on Earth. This part of the Canadian wilderness is home to many diverse and unique species of animals including the endangered Kermode or Spirit Bear, the elusive rainforest wolf, pods of Orca whales and numerous bald eagles. The backdrop for the luxurious lodge is unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see. Range after range of mountains. Virgin forests, mountain streams, clear lakes, pristine coast. And the air in northern British Columbia is clear and pure. It's like being present on the morning of creation..."

Le Boatel. France.

"Le Boatel is a former barge discovered in Belgium and transformed into a delightful restaurant cum hôtel « de charme ». It is moored on the bank of a quiet canal in Arles. The hotel shelters seven cabins and a spa and are laid out in a sober contemporary style.

When visiting the city, Le Boatel offers a perfect haven to enjoy a peaceful tête-à-tête along the stream and to experience the subtle tastes of mediterranean and mostly organic cuisine, due to Philippe Legardinier. Staying with us you will enjoy the quiet of the area, a stone’s throw away from the center."

Marina59 Boatel U.S.A.

"The Boatel is an interactive art + sound installation that takes place on the docks of Marina 59, under the planes taking off from JFK airport and five blocks from Rockaway Beach.

23 artists from NYC and abroad are meticulously crafting a world out of the flotsam & jetsam of Jamaica Bay. A cluster of reclaimed/rebuilt docks + junk boats create worlds within worlds, an hour from the city and a thousand miles away from reality.

You are invited to visit our outpost for an overnight stay in one of our sixteen floating installations--a boat that sings, a patchwork treehouse, a Victorian-era naturalist's laboratory, a hillbilly kama sutra honeymoon suite...

Though we aim to be hospitable, remember that you are joining us in the rough + tumble and please come adventure ready."

Salt & Sill. Sweden.

"Salt & Sill is located far out on the island Klädesholmen, north of Gothenburg on the beautiful Swedish west coast. We are Sweden´s first floating hotel. Six cubic houses are built on pontoons and will be floating outside the restaurant. The hotel consists of six two-storey buildings on floating pontoons. The hotel has 23 rooms with 46 beds, one of which is a suite. All the rooms have their own entrance and access to an outdoor seating area."



The Queen Mary. U.S.A.

"Once a world-class ocean liner, the Queen Mary Hotel offers guests unique accommodations and a wide array of attractions that simply cannot be found anywhere else.
Unique Long Beach Hotel Accommodations

Whether it’s the authentic polished wood paneling, the original 1930s artwork, the Art Deco style or the operable portholes, there’s no question that the Queen Mary Hotel is unlike any other Southern California hotel. Each stateroom is unique with its own personality and offers a real glimpse into what transatlantic travel was like during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. With an impressive history and tradition of excellence, the Queen Mary Hotel is more than a place to rest one’s head – it’s an entire experience.
The Queen Mary Experience

From historic tours, to paranormal attractions, shops, spa and various events, there are a wide variety of things to do and see while aboard the ship. We hope you enjoy your stay aboard the Queen Mary and take advantage of all the wonderful sites, sounds and tastes, the ship has to offer."

Review: TripAdvisor.

Yankee Ferry. U.S.A.

"10 minutes from Times Square, Yankee has an unrivaled view on New York, and an unforgettable intertwined history.

Yankee, the oldest known ferryboat in the country now, ushered many thousands of "new-born" Americans from the wombs of immigrant ships at Ellis Island, and cradled them on their final voyage crossing the mouth of a bustling Hudson to the shores of New York’s "new world".

Built at a shipyard in Philadelphia, 1907; she was the fairest ferry of her day. All dressed in finery she sailed fancy folks on the wisp of a summer’s holiday to the Calendar Islands off Maine's rugged coast. But it wasn’t long until she was striped of crystal, soft kid & mahogany, painted Navy Grey, & commandeered to enlist with the “The War to End all Wars”. She was put out to watch for torpedoes in lonely & tumultuous waters beyond Boston Harbor. Then, when the whole world boiled up the SECOND time, she stoically joined ranks once again to do what she did best, . . . ferrying. But this term of service was different. She brought hosts of American troops & armor from the inland waterways out to where young men mounted war ships with their sights set BACK to Europe, from whence many of them once hailed.

After the wars and a switch from steam to diesel, she was right in style again, ferrying folks cross wakes of a thriving port to adore our Statue of Liberty from a close-up click & a smile.

After an already long stint in service she was sort of put out to sea-green pastures, ferrying families and friends to & fro the balmy bluffs of Block Island & Rhode Island for many years more before her ailing end at a shipyard~graveyard in old New London . . . or was it the end?

Yankee Ferry was not left to desertion, . . . after all.

A ruddy young salt named Jimmy Gallagher scavenged her scrap and towed her back to stand proud again, watching over her NYC harbor . . . and her history.

Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs, the renowned decorative arts revolutionaries, have made it their mission to keep Yankee Ferry afloat well into her second century. They have cleaned & scrubbed & swabbed her decks, repaired & refined her recrudescence with the hopes of bourgeoning her resilience with a return voyages to Ellis Island’s rich museum of American Immigration, and a glimpse at a scrapbook of her own story. Sweet Yankee is a lady awaiting once more at the gates of a new century, poised to celebrate another rank of freedom.

The rare opportunity to bunk down on the most elite of all New York's private quarters, elicits from those who rest their heads in Yankee's private quarters, an awe-ful inspiration, which, like rings of bright water, encircle and embrace afar."

The Yellow Submarine. United Kingdom.

"A unique experience to stay on the yellow sub. This is a copy of the sub in the film THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER with Sean Connery. It was produced by Paramount studios and then was purposely built for use as a 5 star apt boat. In the lounge there are gold discs from The Beatles , the mod scooter from the film Quadrophena, the furnishings are from Paris, Italy and New York, and the master bedroom is based on the suite at the 7 star Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

There is a 52inch 3D TV in lounge and also in the bedrooms with full Sky TV, and the best location in the city for all the night life and shopping. The sub is located right in the heart of the Albert Dock, no car required, you can walk to all the attractions."

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