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Museums contains museum directories for major tourist destinations on its city pages. 


  • Museum Food.  A series of articles published by Max Lent.


  • Musee.  "MUSÉE is a not-for-profit organization that works with cultural institutions around the world to provide services to museums, schools, and the general public. MUSÉE's mission, since it was founded in 1992, is to enhance cultural awareness, advance education at all levels, and stimulate public interest in cultural institutions."  Comment:  Musee represents one of the best resources on the Web for finding and learning about museums.
  • Yahoo! Directory of Museums Galleries and Centers.  A huge listing that may be too inclusive if you are looking for just museums. 

Unusual Museums

  • American Sanitary Plumbing Museum.  "Exhibits exploring an essential but usually unheralded aspect of the infrastructure of civilized living." 
  • Bata Shoe Museum.  "Discover the treasures of North America's unique shoe museum. Over 10,000 shoes are housed in architect Raymond Moriyama's award-winning four-storey structure. The Museum celebrates the style and function of footwear in four impressive galleries. Artifacts on exhibit range from Chinese bound foot shoes and ancient Egyptian sandals to chestnut crushing clogs and glamourous platforms. Over 4,500 years of history and a collection of 20th century celebrity shoes are reflected in the semi-permanent exhibition, All About Shoes. Three other galleries feature special exhibitions. (Guided group tours are available by reservation.)"  
  • Icelandic Phallological Museum.  "The Icelandic Phallological Museum contains a collection of over one hundred and fifty penises and penile parts belonging to almost all the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland. Visitors to the museum will encounter thirty eight specimens belonging to fifteen different kinds of whale, one specimen taken from a rogue polar bear, nineteen specimens belonging to seven different kinds of seal and walrus, and ninety three specimens originating from nineteen different kinds of land mammal: all in all, a total of one hundred fifty one specimen belonging to forty two different kinds of mammal. It should be noted that the museum has also been fortunate enough to receive a legally-certified gift token for a future specimen belonging to Homo Sapiens.

    In addition to the biological section of the museum, visitors can view the collection of about one hundred artistic oddments and other practical utensils related to the museum´s chosen theme."
  • Jell-O Museum. "Take a tour through time and explore the history of  'America’s Most Famous Dessert,' JELL-O. Find out how this piece of Americana was produced, marketed, and enjoyed by millions..."
  • Leila's Hair Museum. "When Leila Cohoon tells people she owns a hair museum, they envision old curling irons, hair dyers, and other such tools. However, this is not the case.

    There are 159 wreaths and over 2,000 pieces of jewelry containing, or made of, human hair dating before 1900. For $3.00, the public in invited to look at these locks at Leila's Hair Museum. , Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    According to Cohoon, 'It could possibly be the only hair museum in the United States, maybe the world.'"
  • Museum of Menstruation and Women's HealthComment:  The physical museum, according to the Web site, is closed, but exists virtually on the Web
  • National Museum of Health and Medicine.  "The National Museum of Health and Medicine of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology inspires interest in and promotes the understanding of medicine -- past, present, and future -- with a special emphasis on tri-service American military medicine. As a National Landmark recognized for its ongoing value to the health of the military and to the nation since 1862, the museum identifies, collects, and preserves important and unique resources to support a broad agenda of innovative exhibits, educational programs, and scientific, historical, and medical research."  Comment:  The National Museum of Health and Medicine downplays its exhibits of medical oddities, which are its most popular exhibits.  Great yuck factor.
  • New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.  "The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum provides a wide range of Spiritual services from custom Gris-Gris bags to spells written just for you.

    We can provide many different Spiritual Services.

    Customized Gris-Gris bags are often requested of her. She anoints every bag with her carefully blended oils, evokes the proper Spirits, and applies much ritual prayer and meditation. These bags can be made to accommodate any situation.

    Honeymooners often ask for a special blessing in their new lives. Mother Margaret has a beautiful Voodoo Matrimony and Blessing to help draw many good energies into the relationship. The traditional "Jumping of the Broom" is incorporated into this ceremony. Begin your new life in the delight of the Spirits. Being ordained, Spiritual Mother Margaret can lawfully perform Marriages."


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