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Graphic of a railroad track and train

Traveling by rail has a charm and romanticism that is missing in air travel.  Sitting in the middle of five across seating on an airplane produces no indication that one is traveling.  However, sitting on a much wider seat near a big window on a train provides a sense of movement.  Being able to have a meal in a dining car, especially a formal dining car, is so much more enjoyable than eating a meal from an airline tray table.  Then there's sleeping cars.  The best reclining airline seat can't compete to having your own compartment with your own bathroom.  The best railroad experience is watching the world go by from a dome car.  Trains are slower, but sometimes, especially on vacation, slow is good.

If you enjoy the nostalgia of riding the rails visit's Web site and view their beautiful railroad photographs


  • Agawa Canyon Tour Train.  "This is a truly unique look at Algoma Central country, clad in its mantle of snow and adorned with sparkling diamonds of ice. Gone are the greens of summer and the fiery colours of fall, the brilliant white of winter is everywhere.

    Your journey begins at our depot in downtown Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. As the train pulls away from the depot you will pass through the city's industrial area, but within minutes the forests will begin to take over, offering a very unique contrast.

    As the train winds its way northward, a rugged winter wonderland will unfold before you. Snow laden trees will give way to panoramic views, towering trestles, snow-choked rock cuts, frozen lakes and waterfalls transformed into fantastic ice sculptures by the cold breath of winter..."

  • Polarbear Express.  "There are only a few great rail excursions left in the world and this is certainly one of them ... the Polar Bear Express departs Cochrane for an incredible 186-mile journey to the Arctic Tidewater at Moosonee.

    Travel along the "old highways" of the fur trade, historic rivers such as the Abitibi and the Moose. Your trip on the Polar Bear Express will take you to a sparsely populated land of forests, tranquil lakes and muskeg.

    As you tour Moosonee, you will begin to understand the realities of this frontier community. Take a freighter canoe across the Moose River to Moose Factory, founded more than 300 years ago by the Hudson's Bay Company. During your train trip, enjoy the on-board services including dinners, snacks and the entertainment/activity car."

  • VIA Rail.  "VIA Rail Canada is an independent Crown corporation set up in 1978. VIA operates trains in all regions of Canada over a network spanning the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Great Lakes to Hudson Bay."


  • Eurail.  "The Eurail Group G.I.E. offers Eurail Passes and Eurailtickets via authorized sales agents outside of Europe. The Eurail products are tickets for point-to-point travels (Eurailtickets) and passes for a number of countries (Eurailpasses and Eurail Selectpasses) valid for travel during a chosen time of validity in a number of the countries of the Eurail member's operation, depending on the pass purchased."

  • Orient Express.  There is probably no more legendary train brand than the Orient Express.   

  • Rail Europe.  The Only way to Travel in Europe

  • Trans-Siberian Express.  "The longest and the most famous railway journey in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway traverses the whole expanse of Russia from Europe to the Orient. Few other journeys enable the passenger to relax so completely during their course, and to become lost in the rhythm of the journey as time zones and the urgency to arrive both become meaningless."  Comment:  Also look at their other train tours such at the China Orient Express, Jinpeng China Express, The Royal Canadian Pacific-The Trans Canadian Steam Express, and The Canadian Rocky Mountains Steam Express. 

    •  "Get ready for the Trans-siberian! Learn everything you need, check out our pics, exchange your pictures and experiences. Russia, Mongolia & China! Pictures from the Trans Siberian."


United States


The following states have local or regional railroads.  Go to the state page and look for the railroad heading. 





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